ICCE leads ENCATC Academy Cultural Relations and Diplomacy

ICCE leads ENCATC Academy Cultural Relations and Diplomacy

5-7 December, Brussels , Belgium

ICCE’s Director, Gerald Lidstone and Visiting Tutor, Dr. Carla Figueira led an intensive 3-day learning programme on cultural relations and diplomacy, for senior and medium level professionals, in Brussels last week.

The event, a joint initiative with ENCATC, the European network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Education, provided participants – which included arts managers and cultural professionals, EU policy officers, academics and senior staff of foreign cultural representations – with the opportunity to explore concepts, as well as discuss the transformations the field of culture in external relations is going through.

The event started with a though provoking intervention by Berthold Franke, Head of the Goethe Institute in Brussels on the terminology used in the field, followed by an interesting discussion on policy shifts in EU Countries drawing on research by Rod Fisher, Director of International Intelligence on Culture. The importance of the arts was highlighted by interventions by Paul Dujardin, Director of BOZAR, a hub of  international  cultural activity in Brussels, and Kristine de Mulder, Director of the prestigious EUROPALIA festival. The role of the creative industries was illustrated by the initiative ‘Diplomacy through Fashion’ presented by Dr. Michelle Loewinger, wife to the United States Ambassador to Belgium. The cutting edge of cultural relations and diplomacy was presented by Dominic Campbell (Founder and Director of Futuregov) and Colin Hicks (former Cultural Attaché Quebec, Director of Vizir). Emphasis was also placed on analysing the role of EU institutions, and relations with China were a focus of attention. This strand of the programme was enriched by the contributions of Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament, Helena Kovarikova, Director of EUNIC Global, Jolita Pons, European External Action Service, and David Fouquet, President of the European Institute for Asian Studies. The role of the State was reflected upon in the intervention of Jean-Baptist Cuzin, head of international and multilateral affairs in the French Ministry for Culture and Communication.

Further details on the programme are available here: http://www.encatc.org/pages/index.php?id=271

 Dominic DSC03108 American DSC03323 ENCATC  ACADEMY DSC03234 ENCATC 2 DSC03379

1 Dominic Cambell of Futuregov –

  2 The American Ambassador United States Embassy to Belgium, Dr. Michelle Loewinger  Academy Speaker on Fashion Diplomacy [ Wife of the Ambassador ], Giannalia Cogliandro Beyens, ENCATC General Secretary, Gerald Lidstone

3 The Academy at RoyalFlemishAcademy for Sciences and the Arts

4 Colin Hicks  of Director of VIZIR Former Cultural Attaché Quebec,   Dr  Carla Figueira, Gerald Lidstone


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