ICCE in partnership with UAE wins AHRC grant

ICCE in partnership with UAE wins AHRC grant




Creative Minds – Entrepreneurial Skills will deliver practical and innovative training to enable early career researchers and doctoral students to discover their own entrepreneurial abilities, and to build up their skills and knowledge of the creative processes to give them the confidence to launch themselves in the creative economy, whether within or outside the academy. The training will cover a range of business and management competencies, financial awareness, professional practice and communication to develop an understanding of the processes by which creative ideas can be turned into an entrepreneurial reality and enable them to apply this process to a range of situations. The programme will draw upon techniques such as the ‘Lean Launchpad’ approach and include a focus on how individuals take concepts through a process of modelling into testing, evaluation and presentation to clients.

UEA will lead the planning and delivery of this training programme and be partnered by the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE) at Goldsmiths’ along with our external non-HE partners from the Creative Industries (Norwich HEART; Ugly Studios; Writers’ Centre Norwich; Sugru; MakeGood; WeMadeThis ). Both UEA and ICCE have established support and expertise in enterprise development and creative entrepreneurship. Goldsmiths’ involvement in CreativeWorks London, and (along with UEA) the Copyright and New Business Models Centre, CREATe, gives us further access to an influential and established network which includes London and the UK’s cultural organisations, creative and cultural workers, micro-enterprises, SMEs and universities.



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