ENTRE NORD From Student to Professional in the Creative Fields


From Student to Professional in the Creative Fields

A conference on entrepreneurship in Nordic arts education

8-9 November 2012  Proceedings now online links below

This event was run by CAKICenter for Applied Artistic Innovation is an incubator for the arts educations in Copenhagen. CAKI focuses on interdisciplinary, artistic innovation and entrepreneurship. http://www.caki.dk

They say – Art schools work to educate highly qualified graduates with strong artistic and professional skills within their individual discipline. At CAKI they aim to complement these skills to increase the professionalization of art students and to expand their employment opportunities. They do this by introducing students to artistic innovation, interdisciplinary cooperation and to starting up a career as an independent artist.


Keynote Speaker  Gerald Lidstone

Building Entrepreneurial Arts Education

CAKI made it clear to us that the field of entrepreneurship in Nordic arts education is characterised by a comprehensive and versatile mix of talented, brave and skilled educators. We have met educators, artists and researchers, who work to strengthen the professionalization of arts students and to explore and challenge how arts can affect, disturb and refine our surrounding society.

There was considerable response to the speech and we look forward to new collaborations, knowledge sharing and partnerships across the Nordic region.







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