This book seeks to offer a new, global perspective on cultural policy. In recent years, the study of Cultural Policy has firmly established itself as a field that cuts across a range of academic disciplines, including Sociology, Cultural Studies, Economics, Anthropology, Area Studies, Languages, Geography, and Law. We hope this volume will be a definitive collection of work that sets out the contours of the field, drawing on up-to-date scholarship and research.

To date, cultural policy has been marked by specific approaches associated with national or regional traditions, such as those of the UK, the Nordic nations, or Latin America. This text will be self-consciously international, both in terms of contents and contributors, in an effort to recast the study of cultural policy as a global enterprise.

The editorial team is interested in receiving contributions of 5,000 – 10,000 words. While we have a particular interest in receiving contributions in the areas of political science and economics, we are keen to hear from researchers working in a variety of disciplines.

Submission Process:

Please submit abstracts of 250 words. Please include a brief biography for each author as well as corresponding contact details. Please submit abstracts to Victoria Durrer at by April 30th.


Submission of abstract                                   30 April 2015

Notification of peer-review decisions             ongoing

Deadline for chapters                                     November 2015

Editing                                                              December 2015-February 2016

Deadline for receipt of revised chapters        March 2016

Anticipated publication                                    June 2016

Editorial Team:
Dave O’Brien (Goldsmiths College, University of London)

Toby Miller (Murdoch/UCR)

Victoria Durrer (QUB)


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